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Overcoming exam anxiety

This time of the year brings about heaps of mixed emotions, uncertainty and confusion among students going into the dreaded exam period. This anxiety causes an overload of stress which results in lack of sleep, forgetfulness and in some cases, depression.

Overcoming the anxiety of exams is an incredibly tricky thing for many students to have to do. After spending an enchanting evening with Sol Plaatje University Residents, it is clear to me that tons of students are going through the exact same pressures and stresses on being a university student and that they are going through it unnecessarily alone.

When in a residence environment, with students literally next door to each other, the first point of call when in need of a helping hand, is right there, right next door. Communication relieves heaps of unwanted negative emotions because once you start to engage your peers about what you are going through, you find that they understand, because they are going through the same, have gone the same or have friends or family who have experienced similar. There is nothing more helpful than talking to someone who understands your struggles.

Taking a deep breath in, taking a walk outside, consistently drinking water and at least 30 minutes of exercise a day are other methods of decreasing anxiety when it comes at you like lightning. If talking to someone is too difficult, write down your thoughts and read them to yourself. Reply to yourself about the best, rational way to deal with the problem at hand. This enables a sense of self confidence and accomplishment. We all need a pat on the back from time to time, even if we’re giving it to ourselves.

Exams are a part of the university career that come and go. No matter how many times you have to write, or re – write, it’s something that you just have to do. Realise the greatness that lies within you, pull out the strength from deep inside of you and get your game face on. If there is anyone who can take on exam time like a pro, it’s you!

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