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Parents Call for English – Medium School in Namaqualand

The Northern Cape Education Department is to meet with parents who are calling for an English-medium school in Namaqualand.

The parents of over 120 learners said they are battling because there are only Afrikaans public schools in the area.
Their only English option is an expensive private school and Brenda Matebe has taken up the plight of dozens of parents in Namaqualand.

They are either battling with the costs of a private school or watching their children struggle with learning in the region’s Afrikaans-medium public schools.

“We’re all struggling. Some of us are still keeping them in private schools but cannot afford it. I’ve arranged for meetings with the Department, but parents are too afraid to speak out.” Matebe said that she’s tried all available options, from sending her two children to stay with family in the Eastern Cape, to taking out multiple loans so they can attend the Springbok Christian Academy, the only English-medium school in the region.

She said that throughout the three-year battle, she’s been in contact with officials from the Department of Education for help. The provincial Education Department said that it had arranged for a meeting with parents in May to discuss the issue.

It said that it was up to school governing bodies to decide on the language of instruction, based on numbers.

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