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Pothole Fill-Up Project

The Sol Plaatje Municipality embarked on the process of patching potholes across the city and its surrounding areas. With the current state of roads being poor, the municipality has marked the filling of them a priority and was therefore seen giving them much needed attention.

“The municipality patching team has been dispatched to repair potholes and will continue with the patching of potholes across the city,” read a Sol Plaatje Municipality statement.

They started with the patching on Friday, 3rd May, in John Daka road, Reserve Road in West End and will continue in the following streets; Finlayson road, Green Street, Longstreet, Pniel road, Seleke, Stamper, Phillip Mpiwa, Quinn road and Fourth Avenue in Greenside.

Ashley Green, a resident from West End was happy that the pot holes were being filled but wished this had been done sooner, “Our cars and tyres undergo tremendous damage due to the state of our roads. It’s a bad safety hazard and should never have gotten to this state in the first place. I am very happy they are being filled and I hope that we never have situations like these again”.

“We thank residents for their patience and resilience during this time and we apologise for any inconvenience caused,” the statement concluded.

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