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Practicing Inner Peace

We get interestingly different kinds of people in the world. The people that possess the virtue of patience, are ultimate superheroes in my eyes. With patience comes peace, and peace I’ve noticed, can be rather hard to come by. By peace I mean the real inner peace where you know that you know that your spirit is light and free. Where you are open to new adventures, people and places and when any or all of those new adventures, people or places challenge, aggravate or disappoint you in any way, you have the knowledge and understanding to remain strong in the face of discord or stress so that you remain in control of your reactions to external factors that could alternatively drive you up the wall.

We often think that “inner peace” is reserved for Buddhists, nuns, yogis and the like who seem to permanently be in a meditative space so the only way they can be is peaceful.  This is not true. Inner peace can be attained by anyone; husbands, wives, parents, work-a-holics, ordinary people living ordinary lives. This state is important because once it is achieved it means you are emotionally and mentally at peace, without restless or disturbing thoughts. You are in control of your mind, moods and reactions.

Easier said than done for some, as making the conscious decision to make inner peace a priority can be daunting to say the least. Self- discipline and deep knowledge of oneself is important as you are able to track the progress of your reactions to unpleasant situations. The aim is that it needs to get better and you need to be feel yourself get less and less worked up for situations that would normally make you blow a fuse.

“If peace is the prize of surrender, then do not regret your loss”.

Just as the body needs doses of physical activity in order to remain healthy, so do our minds needs doses of good mental habits to help us along our own paths of serenity. Here are some guides on how to go about that journey:

  • Acknowledge the good things in your life and continuously give thanks for them. When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the day that has been granted to you. Give thanks for the little things like your shelter, your clothing, your food. As the day goes by be thankful for the good things that continue to come your way. If someone lets you in their lane during traffic, give thanks, if your kids make it home safe from school, give thanks.
  • Spend time with people that are good for your soul. Wasting your time with people that don’t make you feel good, who are constantly complaining or bringing in negative energy or who find talking about other people and rejoicing in their downfall fun, is definitely not going to contribute to your journey of discovering peace. Think about the company you keep and how they contribute to your life. Let go of those that are not good for you.
  • Careful critique the influences you allow into your life. Be careful of what you read, watch or listen to. The same way your body needs nutritious food to stay healthy and strong, so does your mind need positive influences. Listen and watch programmes or people that contribute to you becoming a better version of yourself.

The journey to a peaceful state of mind is most certainly not easy, but it is necessary. Start with the small things and be gentle with your soul. Love yourself enough to know that not everything requires a bad reaction. Sometimes we need to humble ourselves and surrender to situations that cause us to lose our cool. Let it go because in exchange, tranquility will be coming your way.

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