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Premier and MEC of Health Get the Ambulances Ringing

The Premier of the Northern Cape, Dr. Zamani Saul, together with the MEC of Health, Galerekwe Mase Manopole, introduced the 13 ambulances and 14 transport vehicles for health services this week.

During his inauguration, Dr Zamani Saul said he will put in place an executive that will be able to serve the people where health and education would be prioritised. In less than two weeks Ms Manopole has introduced the first phase of purchasing transportation for health services.

Dr Saul thanked the MEC ‘for hitting the ground running,’ and that other MECs need to do the same.  Their goal is to get 63 transport vehicles by the end of the financial year and that in two weeks’ time there shall be 35 vehicles for health services in the Northern Cape.

The Premier said, “it is imperative to improve the quality of public health and to ensure that even the poor of the poor have access to health care”.

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