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Residents Dissatisfied Over Water Restrictions

Kimberley residents will have to brace themselves for water cuts from 6pm to 4am daily as the municipality is implementing Stage Five water restrictions as per the Water Restrictions Policy. This is Sol Plaatje Municipality’s way of mitigating further damage to the water reserve until the situation has been controlled and reservoir levels have stabilized at about 15 feet.

Kimberley residents and businesses are frustrated over the status quo. Resident, Rochelle Riffles, comments that the municipality did not do enough to create awareness regarding the ongoing water crisis, “If the municipality was doing enough to inform all residents of the serious scarcity of water, we would surely use water sparingly and not have water crises and restrictions every other month. Sol Plaatje needs to implement stricter penalties for the overuse of the daily water limit. One person’s reckless use of water can influence all of us negatively. For me, it is already difficult, in this heat wave, not to have a cold shower, imagine what people are going through who do not have water to drink.”

According to another resident, the water crisis is a great irritation. “You can drive through Kimberley and I can assure you, you will pass a pipe leaking water. This is water being wasted. The municipality needs to maintain our pipes to mitigate further loss of water. Many people cannot afford to buy water every day and rely on the water that runs (or ought to) from their taps”.

“We are doing our washing and cooking with this water. They really need to make a plan!” says resident.
“When we come home from work, there is nothing to eat because there is no water to cook with” adds another.
It is still unclear until when the water will be shutdown but until Sol Plaatje gives more clarity on the issue, residents are advised not to exceed more than 20liters of water per day.

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