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Riemvasmaak community to benefit from quartz mining

The community of Riemvasmaak is on track to realize colossal benefits through the mining of quartz in the area. Solomon Star recently reported on the discovery of the crystal mineral in the remote rural settlement in the Kai !Garib municipality.

This mining of the mineral is dependable on the bankable feasibility study through exploration using drilling and sampling. “The objective of the exploration is to confirm that the volume of the resource is adequate for mining and beneficiation of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)” said Aubrey Adams. He is a director of the community owned Ho Oa Tago Mining Primary & Beneficiation Co-operative, which was granted approval by the Riemvasmaak Gemeenskap Ontwikkeling Trust (RGOT) to explore and mine quartz in a joint venture with Difeme Holdings Group and Mintek.
According to Adams the community and the workers will receive 1% of earnings before tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) based on the Draft Mining Charter. In addition , the community will also benefit from local economic development, job creation , enterprise and human resource development.

A jewellery manufacturing facility will be established and community members will be provided training in small scale mining. Adams further stated that the community is also set to take advantage of the transferring of skills element of the agreement. Adams represents the Riemvasmaak community while Andrè April represents the Vredes Valley community in the consortium.

The identified mining area is home to silica content that is as high as 99.98%. According to Adams they intend to produce approximately 5000 tons of quartz per annum. The study will be funded by The Lancaster Foundation with an R1.6m grant through the foundation’s enterprise development initiative, which is aimed at stimulating economic development.

Despite the fact that quartz is one of the earth’s most abundant minerals, few deposits can be classified as high-purity quartz, which is defined as having 99.99% silicon dioxide content. Fused quartz is a material of primary importance, since it improves the efficiency of solar powered devices.

Its uses include solar panel manufacturing and it is also used in the semiconductor industry, optoelectronic industry, LED industry, cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) industry, electric heating, electric light source, etc.

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