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Rolls Royce “Cullinan” Unveiled at the Big Hole

Luxury car manufacturer Rolls Royce revealed its first ever SUV at the Big Hole on Monday.  The auspicious occasion was the highlight for travellers of the Blue Train from Johannesburg on route to Cape Town. VIP guests arrived at the Kimberley station in the morning and was welcomed by two cultural groups who entertained them with traditional dance routines. The next stop for the Blue Train passengers was the Big Hole, where real diamonds were on display. But it was Rolls Royce’s new ultra luxury all-wheel drive named Cullinan that stole the show.

The 114- year old car manufacturer chose the Big Hole for the propitious event attributable to the significance of the venue as it was De Beers who discovered the 3100 carat Cullinan diamond.

The Rolls Royce SUV boasts a 6, 75 litre, twin-turbocharged, V12 engine under the hood. It is equipped with advanced chassis technology and an aluminium space frame that allows it to handle intense sceneries with ease.  According to the representative of Rolls Royce South Africa, “the Cullinan is the culmination of years of design refinement, the manifestation of an audacious vision to make luxury off-road travel a reality for the first time.”

Among the VIP guests were Hollywood actress, Lynn Whitfield, who also formed part of the tourists travelling to Cape Town on the Blue Train. The Green Leaf and Madea’s Family Reunion actress was equally impressed with the Cullinan as she was with the Big Hole Museum’s diamond exhibition.

With an entry level price tag of R4, 8m up to over R10m, it was evident why the Blue Train passengers were regarded as potential clients. The luxury train trip starts at around R32 000 per person for a return trip from Pretoria to Cape Town, but according to one of the passengers it’s worth every cent. The Blue Train is also known as the “Palace on Wheels” and offers passengers free drinks, fine dining, elegant lounges, luxury suites, excursions and super-efficient staff.

The launch was held in conjunction with The Blue Train, The Big Hole Museum and the Northern Cape Tourism Authority.

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