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Santa Residents Devasted After Flood Damage

Homevalley FloodResidents were moved from a ward in Santa to Homestead. In previous cases where they have experienced flooding due to heavy rainfall, they were given blankets and were placed in a temporary shelter where they were promised they will move to a different settlement with better grounds and building infrastructure. Two years later and they are still waiting for the results of those promises, said one of the residents.

There are about 150 residents and majority of those residing in that settlement are unemployed. The residents are now pleading for an immediate plan of action and are at a point of planning to have another march to protest at the municipality for not fulfilling their promises. A follow up was done by the residents in January to find out whether there will be any changes made anytime soon but no feedback has been received as yet.

Sanitation systems are poor. Residents have to share cubicals outside that are not in proper working conditions. Another resident is more concerned about her grandmothers health. She has been admitted to hospital because the home infrastructure is falling apart. The wood has become Mouldy and whenever they are faced with heavy rainy conditions they lose alot of the food that they have preserved and have to throw it away because it gets damaged.

Another female resident living alone with her two kids has had to rebuild her shack after it was badly affected by the flooding. This has affected her kids and their education because they cannot go to school because their clothes are wet and they can’t get proper sleep at night. She also has to stay out of work to fix her home which affects her salary.

Each time they have to rebuild their homes, they have to use their own building material which they gather together explained another resident.

They also battle with snakes coming from the bushes and their kids play in that area. They do not have access to electricity and are fearing that the upcoming winter season will be a struggle and could cause fire breakouts due to them using paraffin.

They urging the municipality to step in as they do plan on taking action into their own hands if no service gets delivered.

All residents have chosen to remain anonymous.

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