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Serial rapist sentenced to life imprisonment

The South African Police Service has welcomed the rape sentencing handed down to a 25-year-old Prieska Serial Rapist, in the Northern Cape High Court. Shawn Rooi was sentenced to life imprisonment as well as a further 27- years, after he was found guilty of three counts of rape, two counts of house breaking with the intent to rape and one charge of obstructing a police officer from performing his duties. The sentences will run concurrently. In April 2017 the accused broke into a premises in Prieska – Plakkerskamp and raped a 55-year-old female.

The following the day same accused broke into another premises, also situated in Prieska – Plakkerskamp and raped 40-year –old female, with the same modus operandi. SAPS spokesperson Captain Sergio Kok says, “the accused was arrested in April 2017, but later released as both charges were temporarily withdrawn from the court roll. During November 2017, Rooi raped his third victim, a ten year old female in Prieska Plakkerskamp and was arrested days later. The 10-year-old victim is the sister of Rooi’s former girlfriend and mother of his child. The accused remained in custody up until his recent sentencing.”

The Pixley Ka Seme Cluster Commander, Brig Nomahlube Sofika lauds Detective Constable Denzil Swarts from the Prieska SAPS Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences unit for a brilliant job done. “It is with pride that we see our members working extremely hard to remove criminals from our street. The convictions result in justice for the victims concerned and the community feel safer when the perpetrators are incarcerated. It also sends out a stern message and when you do crime, you will do the time,” said Brigadier Sofika.

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