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Snooze – A guaranteed lose

For most people, bearing the thought of an early wake in the morning, especially when it’s one of those dreaded 05:00 wake ups, is incredibly painful to even think about. So, as much as we know it shouldn’t, prolonging the process kind of becomes mandatory. As soon as we have made the decision to hit the snooze button, it’s pretty much safe to accept defeat.

We all know that we’re in trouble once we have started playing with the snooze option, but why? It’s simple really. The trick to successfully waking up every morning, at the right time, and the first time, comes as a result of efficaciously conditioning your brain to give the right response when it hears your alarm. The reaction in your brain should be, “ringing alarm, I need to open my eyes and get out of bed immediately”. This is so that over time, and not even a long time, our brains know and understand what the physical response needs to be when they hear that sound. By playing disk jockey with the snooze button, we are creating and giving power to a vicious cycle that has no means of benefitting us in the end.

Snoozing contributes to stress; you will find yourself repeating the snooze cycle a good two or three times if not more before eventually getting out of bed, and by that time, you are likely to be a good 30-60 minutes behind schedule, and that’s when the rat race begins. You don’t eat breakfast, you get stuck in traffic, you are late for your 07h30 meeting, your boss is giving you death stares, you are actually still tired and you feel like a bus has run you over, both mentally and physically, and that’s stressful to say the least.

Make the decision to put your peace first and beat the snooze, give it a try, you won’t lose.

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