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Sol Plaatjie Answers the Pleas of the Communities

Sol Plaatjie Municipality rescues the community just in time for winter months. The past few months we saw communities around Kimberley complaining about their electricity tripping everytime there’s lighting,rain and strong winds. Some took the decision to strike and block the roads in hopes of getting the municipality’s attention.

The executive mayor Patrick Mabilo handed over the 20MVA transformer on Tuesday last week which will make a meaningful contribution to the scores of residents. With this new 20MVA transformer, residents of John Daka, Riviera, Soul City and Club 2000 will benefit from the upgrade. The improvement to the Carters Glen Substation moreover will decrease the load in Galeshewe substation for current and future electrification projects. “Our city requires much needed development, innovation, creativity and excellence in order to improve service delivery and grow a sustainable local economy to move forward. Therefore, with the inception of these projects we can once again restore our city as a city of firsts, “said Mabilo. He added that he is vexed by the upsurge in the incidents of murder amongst the youth and that the communities have to work cooperatively with law enforcement agencies and all relevant stakeholders to create a society free from crime, corruption, violence and downright negligence.

After numerous calls and visits to the municipality, ward councillor, John Keme is pleased with the 20MVA transformer. Kene says the community of Soul City had been struggling with electricity tripping especially when there are strong winds, rain and lighting as this left the community members frustrated demanding answers from him. He took a decision to approach the mayor suggesting a solution to the issue at hand which was to make use of the nearby Carters Glen substation to supply Soul city, Club 2000, Riviera and John Daka with electricity. “Maybe we’ll continue having problems but they will not be as much as before said John Keme.

Nyameka Shushu encouraged the community to play their part by paying their rates.

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