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SPU Play to Feature at National Arts Festival

The SPU Drama Group debuted in 2019 at the National Arts Festival in Makhanda when they performed Lerothodi la sebukwabukwane, by Thabo Moshe. In 2019 they will feature at the 45th National Arts Festival on the Fringe Programme with their play Buried Seeds, by Thabo Gabogope and Mishka Tobias.

Buried Seeds is a dual language play in Tswana and English that questions the inheritance of political power. It is set in a forlorn community in Ipelegeng (near Schweizer-Reneke) which is home to shattered dreams and hopes. The central character is the Mayor who in his search for justice for his mother neglects his duties as a leader. The community left to fend for themselves must also deal with the death of ten young people that are killed in a stampede.
The cast comprises Wendy Appolis, Oratile Senokwane, Mamotse Tsinyane, Magasenna Damane, Keaobaka Gasenmore, Oratile Mokwa and Keitumetse Makgolokwe, who are directed by Thabo Gabogope and Neo Mathbobisa. The Stage Managers are Fikile Sithole and Surita Jacobs.

Buried Seeds will be staged on 5 and 6 July 2019 in the Masonic Front theatre area.

The National Arts Festival is an annual festival of performing arts held in Makhanda. It is the largest arts festival on the African continent and was founded in 1973. It consists of a Main programme and a Fringe festival, with a combined total of 350 events with over 1200 performances.

Fringe productions that are innovative, original and creatively outstanding will receive the Standard Bank Ovation Awards. This will provide recognition, offers of extended tours, opportunities to perform internationally, increased funding opportunities and an invitation to submit a proposal for the following year’s Arena programme.

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