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Tauné ticks the big box

Young actress, Tauné Block, had proud Kimberley fans fastened to their chairs as she appeared on Generations for two episodes, among many other appearances on soapies like Suidooster, TV commercials, Theatre and Musical Theatre.

Born and bred in the Diamond city, the 26-year old actress shines on our TV sets, showcasing not only raw, undiluted talent but also an intense zest for life. After matriculating as head girl from Kimberley Girls High in 2011, she furthered her studies at Stellenbosch University where she obtained her degree in Bdrama and Theatre Studies in 2014.

Getting to know Tauné off screen:

Q: What is your most defining character trait?
A: Through various challenges and life experiences, I have taken the time to invest in understanding and learning my true self. That being said, I am a very hard worker and take pride in that. I am easy going too and stand my ground firmly when the need arises. My sense of humour keeps me going and despite being considered outgoing, I enjoy spending time alone in my own space.

Q: When did you realize that acting was your calling?
A: For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed entertaining people. In my childhood home videos, you can see a three-year-old me enthusiastically reading my collection of Disney books upside down or creating an imaginary stage in our living room where I would often sing for my aunties and uncles. As I grew older, the stage organically became my home. I began participating in my school Eisteddfod competitions, joined the choir, wrote, directed and produced my own plays. Eventually my love for acting was secured when I was cast in my first school musical production.

Q: Who are your mentors and how have they contributed to your success?
A: I have been fortunate enough to grow up in a home where my parents believed in my dream. They have always encouraged my career path and have made sacrifices along the way to ensure that I am successful in achieving those dreams. Some of my mentors have been Christine Compton Filmater, Hettie Rossouw, Phyllis Kriel, Marlene Zwiggers, Abdu Adams, Lee-Ann van Rooi, who have all played an active role in ensuring that I have the support and motivation to grow as a young actress of colour in an industry often classified as “harsh”, and then last but not least, a very dear friend and multi-award winning actor and producer, Marlo Minnaar (also known for his role as Aiden Cloete in Sara se Gehuim and Tony from 7de Laan, to name a few).

Q: What do you do to motivate yourself?
A: I have taken the effort to solidify my goals by writing down both my long term and short-term goals. I believe in the law of attraction, therefore penning down and verbally manifesting my goals is an essential part in remaining motivated. I maintain a small, trusted circle of family and friends, because your support structure can either make or break you. My failures also play a very big role, they remind me that falling doesn’t mean the end. Lastly, my faith keeps me going. I journey with God and know that He has greater plans for me.

Q: What are your goals for the future?
A: Since recently relocating to Johannesburg, my short-term goal is to familiarize myself with the industry this side and grow my network-base while seizing every opportunity presented to me-big or small. My ultimate goal is to have my own production company which can provide job opportunities to the skilled and talented individuals in the industry who lack exposure. Eventually, I would like to develop my own Performing Arts, Film and Motion Picture Academy to provide opportunities and education to the youth of the Northern Cape who cannot afford it otherwise.

Q: What advice would you give young actors from Kimberley to help them navigate their path?
A: You have to trust in yourself and your dream before you expect anyone else to. Be wise enough to know that that in a self-made industry such as this, you need to remain clear and focused about what you want to achieve because the curve-balls can either make or break you. Last, but not least, if your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough. Believe in yourself and if there is a leap of faith that needs to be taken-jump!

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