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The Benefits of Developing Your Active Child

The benefits of sports for children are truly amazing. The younger the child is the more he/she is extremely impressionable and energetic. It is really the best time to teach them healthy and social behaviours that can help them shape the rest of their lives. Good habits are best started early. A child at age 4 is instinctively active – develop this instinct. Take your child to the park, playground, encourage learning of basic sporting skills such as throwing and kicking the ball, skipping, jumping, running and pedalling a tricycle or a bicycle.

By the age of 6 or 7, children are physically better equipped to participate in sports. They have longer attention spans and begin to grasp rules. While some children are motivated by competitive play, many are not ready for the increased pressure until 10 or 11 years of age.

This is a good age to develop hand-eye coordination and a basic understanding of rules for games and sports. Moderate-intensity activities can include swimming, bicycling, team sports and outdoor play.

Research indicates that children above 10 years of age are more likely to participate in mentally and physically challenging activities. They might want to focus on an organised sport, develop specific skills and grasp complex strategies. Remember, too, that with competitive sport, your child’s attitude must remain positive, with losses and setbacks taken in a sportsmanlike spirit.

An enduring passion for a sport or exercise at a young age is a sure way of ensuring continued interest into adulthood. As a parent, you can encourage, inspire and equip your child to pursue their passion. Help them by providing the right sports gear, taking care of transportation, and above all, participating as a role model. Watch as many professional matches as possible with your child. Help them remain focused and motivated.

There are many sporting clubs suited to your child’s preference and interests that are based within the Kimberley area that you as a parent can enrol your child at. As an attempt to assist in making sure that our little ones are trained to be the best they can be I have decided to do features of these local clubs.

Rhythmia Gymnastics Club has been one of the local clubs that have done exceptionally well since its inception in 2007. It has grown tremendously and made local as well as international airwaves. With the guidance and commitment of owner, Tazmiah Frances, the club has built up a world-class name for itself and produced many South African Champions who travel the world and represent the Northern Cape.

Tazmiah built the club in the belief of the importance of a child in sports, she has seen children grow in discipline and has witnessed the determination to become the best.

Gymnastics is a weight-bearing activity which can develop strong and healthy bones. As we age we experience a loss of bone density over the years, by building strong and healthy bones we can reduce the signs of osteoporosis later in life. In addition to this, gymnastics helps your child build up their total body strength as well. By performing the body strengthening exercises your child will build up their upper body, lower body and overall core strength.

Sports like gymnastics aid in disease prevention by promoting and maintaining a strong and healthy body. This is key to preventing diseases later in life such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and asthma to name a few. By teaching your child healthy behaviours early in life, they will more likely keep these habits later in life.

“My dream is to have my own gymnastics hall one day and to see a few of my high performing gymnasts make it through to the Olympics, World Champs and Commonwealth Games one day. I would like to give my girls more exposure to different environments, allow them to meet different people and learn about the various denominations,” commented Tazmiah.

“All this can only be achieved with the support of the community, gymnastics is a very expensive sport, we would like to accommodate all kids from various walks of life but due to the costs involved this is not entirely possible. We plead with the community to assist us with sponsorships of any kind,” she concluded.

For parents interested in enrolling their little girls at Rhythmia Gymnastics Club or anyone interested in sponsoring the club you can reach Tazmiah Frances on Facebook (Rhythmia Gymnastics Club), via email at or call 07119433953.

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