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The Girl Boss!

They are on the come up. The world isn’t ready for their greatness. That’s okay though, because they are going to be taking the globe by storm. Who am I talking about? The Girl Boss of course!

Being a woman in society today is hard. Finding your place and how you fit into majority of the masculine dominated environments surrounding you is also a challenge.  There are some women however, who have said away with believing in feminine inferiority and cheers to taking on success and fortune with both hands, feet and all fingers and toes.

The key to getting started is exactly that, getting started. You are going to go absolutely nowhere if you do not start. Starting does not mean buying an office space and immediately hiring employees. Starting means sitting down with yourself, taking out your pen and paper and jotting down all the ideas that keep you up at night. It means creating a vision board and setting your goals out in front of you so that it motivates you to continue every day. Starting means honing in on what you’re good at, finding your focus and channelling all your energy into making that one specific thing work.

Being a scatter brain is something many of us struggle with. We have too many thoughts occupying our mental space and we don’t often have control over how they affect us. With all the responsibilities and duties bestowed on us by virtue of being female, it is not a strange phenomenon that we lose track at some point or another. Regardless of the familial tasks that we have to complete every day however, we still need to remain focused and keep our eyes on the prize.

Mrs Lourie Kirimi, owner of Panashe Designs in Carrington Road, Kimberley, says that communication and respect are key aspects of how she runs her business, “I love what I do. I also love my employees. Communicating with them is essential, this is how I get to know their weak and strong points. I treat my employees like my own family. When we are having financial difficulties in the business I communicate that with them too. I respect my clients and I always put God first,” she explains.

Thinking of heading down the entrepreneurial path? Here are some tips and tricks you need to do and get right that will help you along the way:

  • You have to wake up early every morning. The early bird catches the worm right? Right! You cannot be an entrepreneur and continuously wake up late. You are going to miss out. You have to be ready to play when the games begin.
  • Find your focus and stick to it. Dabbling in many different things is possible yes, but you need to have one thing that you do and that you do well. Nurture and water your one business idea and make it a success before heading off to another. Give your all to your business and put in the time and effort. Your efforts will be rewarded.
  • Successful people think and speak successful thoughts. There is life and death in the power of the tongue. What you think, you speak. What you listen to and what you watch will manifest in your subconscious and essentially your life. Put positivity in and you will get positivity out. Put garbage in and you will get garbage out.
  • Surround yourself with successful and positive people. More often than not, your company says a lot about who you are. If you are surrounded by people who do not believe in you or who do not want the best for you and are rooted in jealousy, your journey is going to be all the more difficult. Speak positive affirmations about yourself to yourself. Don’t just think it, actually say it because when you say it, you hear it and then go on and believe it!

In the eyes of many, being female is a disadvantage. Sometimes it gets rather overwhelming and yes, there are many aspects to being a woman that makes life harder, but that is no excuse for any one of us to not try.

I am a Girl Boss. You are a Girl Boss. Let’s all go out and be Girl Bosses!

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