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The Importance of Setting Goals

Do you sometimes go about life just by doing your everyday, planned routine? You wake up at the same time, get to your same job at the same time, eat the same lunch with the same people and come home to watch the same television shows only to go to bed at the same time and repeat the drill the next day.

Now routine, structure and discipline are important aspects of life that can help us become the best versions of ourselves. But when it starts taking away from the enjoyment of life and the desire and courage to go on and do more and work towards getting to know ourselves better through obstacles that we give ourselves, it might be a good idea that we start reconsidering the present daily routines for a goal driven, exciting future.

Setting goals is important for because they help us believe in ourselves. They challenge us to get out of our comfort zone and to go for the things we sometimes dream of and label “impossible.” Setting goals for yourself is a way to harness ambition, secure it and use it to your advantage in what can sometimes be the tedious process of living.

Without goals, or objectives that you are working towards, it is easy to find yourself doing nothing. When you do not set a standard for yourself and what you want to achieve by a certain time, you will wake up one day to find that your time is up and all the incredible things you dreamed of doing, owning, experiencing are just that – dreams.

For some, setting goals is a daily task that they love doing. Some people are so good at setting and achieving their goals that they have new ones every day. For others, it is not that easy. One of the biggest hindrances to personal development is self – doubt. It creeps in like the enemy and seeks to oppress, criticize and dehumanize the part of yourself that is fighting so hard to be positive. It is your job to make sure that the enemy does not win.

  • Introspection is crucial every once in a while. Take the time to sit down with yourself, only yourself and listen to your thought processes and converse with yourself. Talk to yourself about your fears, your desires, your strengths, your weaknesses. Write them down and manifest on them. You will be amazed at what you learn about yourself.
  • From your previous list, take some time to think about your weaknesses and how you can change them to positives. Although we are human and most certainly not perfect, you can become the best version of yourself by constantly working on improving and strengthening the weakest parts of you. When you make a conscious decision to work on yourself, you will find yourself able to conquer and achieve much more.
  • Your short term and long term goals need to be identified. Think about the stuff that keep you up at night. Think about the things you cannot go a day without thinking about and start making the plans to achieve them. No matter how far or unrealistic they may seem, they are goals after all, you have to plan and work for them. You cannot work or plan for something you have not actively thought about. Identify the top things you want to bag in your life and start strategizing on how you’re going to get them.

Goals keep us hungry, especially when we buckle down, focus and achieve them. Goals keep you active, they keep your mind working and give you an unbelievable sense of accomplishment once they have been achieved. When you do good, you feel good and in this day and age, it is safe to say we could all do with some more feeling good!

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