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“The Leaders of Our Health Services Must Be Visionary In Order To Improve Patient Care.” Says MEC Makatong

As part of improving the delivery of healthcare services at the Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital, the Northern Cape MEC for Health, Ms Fufe Makatong says she is impressed with the efforts made by the management of the facility on the procurement of the new magnetic resonance imaging machine (MRI’s).

The previous MRI was installed in 2005 and had reached the end of its lifespan. Because of the accelerated advancement in technology the old MRI was not compatible with software upgrades which are needed for modern diagnosis. The installation of the new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine at the facility is nearing completion with only minor commissioning inputs to be done.

The new MRI will improve quality of diagnosis especially for neurological (spinal and brain) and orthopaedic (bones and joints) imaging. The advanced image quality will minimize the use of contrast media, thereby reducing any potential risk to patients from allergic reactions. The new system will greatly improve workflow because the image sequences and scan times will be shorter thus making this a more comfortable and safer modality with less noise and discomfort.

The four Radiographers started their theoretical training on the machine and performed the practical test run and one of our staff volunteered to be the ‘guinea pig’ for the first brain scan. The Image of his brain was completed successfully and we are pleased to say all was in working order. The MRI Radiographers were impressed with the quality and detail of the images. But they were especially impressed with the shorted time needed for a scan. This will really benefit vulnerable patients, especially children and the elderly.

Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe hospital continue to scan volunteers for the purpose of training and setting up of examination protocols. We look forward to a complete clinical handing over before the end of December 2018, with a formal “opening ceremony” being planned for late January. MEC Makatong committed towards increasing access to high quality care in all our hospitals. Doctors, nurses and allied health professionals are the backbone to health care and this is where we are focusing our recruitment efforts.

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