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The Market at Flamingo, One For The Books

The Market at Flamingo Casino took place on 2 February, hosting local artists such as Khool, Viwe Tyolwane, Nosipho Qalinga and many more. To the smooth backdrop of classic R&B, Kimberlites took to the entertainment area of the casino to support a variety of local artists providing an assortment of gems, from perfume to braaid steak to t-shirts and earrings. For many of the artists, the market was a great platform to showcase what they’re made of, or in this case, what they can make.

“For a small person like myself this is a big exposure. The only platform that I use is Facebook and people are not that active. So this is a big deal for me,” commented Reboane Mabutlwane, jewellery-maker at Oneriphiel-Crafts. The Solomon Star spoke to some people enjoying the different stalls and the lively atmosphere:

Q: What do you think the Market contributes to Kimberley as a city?

A: What I love about the market is that it gives us a platform to interact as Kimberlites. To embrace the beauty, the artists and the music. And with fashion as well. They’ve got amazing items out here that look so amazing. And they are man-made in Kimberley, so it’s great to see that.

Q: How would you describe the vibe here at the market?

A: Well, the setting is great. They took it outside of what we normally do in Kimberley. Our outdoor is looking at flamingos which is amazing. The platform is so well thought out because it allows teenagers, little kids and adults to interact.
(Refiloe Kuoe)                                                                                                                                                         A: This market grooms entrepreneurs and gives them the needed exposure. But what I love the most is most definitely the music.
(Alfred Lencwe)
A: The market is nice because I found some things I had been looking for. Fashionically, they really meet my needs.
A: This is my first time at the market. It’s different, it’s nice especially because we don’t have the Gariep anymore. It’s nice to be out because Kimberley doesn’t really have these kinds of things. We can come here and experience something new. Because for me, it doesn’t feel like I’m in Kimberley, it’s its own world. The food is definitely my favourite part of the market, I love food! But I also love the atmosphere and seeing different people.
(Talisa Petersen)
A: So, I’m not that new in Kimberley anymore but I’m still quite new. So, I really love when a new culture is being built and I feel like the market is definitely one of the go-to things in Kimberley. So, the culture is really great for me. This is my third market and I think I’m seeing a lot more students. I was wondering why students aren’t being attracted but I think this time around students are definitely more involved.
(Sadi Barnett, MC for the day)

“The fundamental background of it is us trying to uplift skilled people from our city and province and showcase their talents at such events. The whole idea came from the fact that our talents are not visible enough, so we came up with this structure. Let’s showcase our talents to the city. We will help to make sure that we uplift them further on. The market used to be at the McGregor Museum, we grew from 300 people to 1500 people. We broke the record here at the casino in terms of numbers. The people are aware of what we are trying to build and what we are trying to achieve. It’s become one of those events in Kimberley where every single individual wants to rock up to,” commented Gregory Meza, one of the organizers.

‘My favourite feature of the market is family, It’s awesome to see mothers and fathers bringing their kids out and have a ball. It’s not only about mom and dad we’re also catering for the kids who normally don’t have these pleasures of going out with mommy and daddy and having fun together as a unit. And I think that is the most important part of this event.” Said Geza.

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