For The People

The Siyanqoba Rally in Kimberley

Dr Zamani Saul

On the 1st of May 2019, many woke up in Kimberley knowing that their route leads to the AR Abass stadium for May day. There were ANC marked Quantums all over the town, the colours red and yellow dominated at the rally. The scorching sun did not stop the masses from attending, let alone singing.

The two main speakers were Mr Nkosana Dolopi, SADTU deputy secretary General, and Dr Zamani Saul, the Chairperson of the ANC in the Northern Cape. A memorandum was handed over to the Chief director of the Department of Labour of the Northern Cape. The memorandum stated the grievances of the workers. The memorandum included that minimum wage ought to be efficiently implemented.

There were complaints that workers have long working hours and are not compensated for it. It was requested that when inspectors are sent out into the work force they should be thorough in their investigations. It was demanded that the chief director of the Labour Department sign the memorandum and it gets responded to in a maximum of 7 days. He signed the memorandum and many applauded at the responsibility he was taking at assuring the complaints on the memorandum are dealt with by the department.

Mr Dolopi started by addressing the crowd with a song, it was high pitched and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. He touched on the importance of unity between COSATU and the ANC. COSATU has over 1.8 million members. The 53 workers that died on the 1st of May 2003 were remembered, they died in a bus on the way to a rally in QwaQwa from Sol Plaatje municipality in Kimberley. He further went on to emphasize that the ANC helped more than 6.4 million people to earn more than the minimum wage. He encouraged the members of COSATU to vote for the ANC, as he highlighted that the ANC is a political party that cares for the people and has been doing good and shall continue to do more. He accentuated that the ANC was not like the DA or EFF, proclaiming that the DA is not a political party the poor can look to, as they talk of privatizing structural institutions such as healthcare. The EFF, he referred to as anarchies and a party that wants to destroy what former president Nelson Mandela started. ‘Vote for ANC, it is a tried and tested political party!’ he exclaimed.

The chairperson of the ANC in the Northern Cape, CDE Zamani Saul, took to center stage. ‘Viva ANC Viva’ he shouted. Mr Saul said that he trusted that the people of Kimberley shall vote for the ANC as they have always done. He urged the crowd to take selfies and post them on Facebook with the hashtag “#IVOTEANC”. He assured all in attendance that there was serious leadership at the rally with people such as CDE Noxolo Kiviet, CDE Sfiso Buthelezi, CDE Reginah Mhaule and CDE Susan Shabangu.

Dr Zamani then went off to end the official part of the rally with a dance off. He requested that the song Eyadini be played and the officials took to the front of the stage to dance as the crowd cheered them on.

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