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Unplanned (2019)

Movie Review

Abortion is a topic that is heavily contested in society. Is abortion right or wrong, is it morally okay for woman to terminate their unborn babies, who gets to decide, is it the mother, the father, society or the government? In some countries women are prohibited from having abortions and may even be arrested.

Unplanned is a 2019, American drama based on a true story of Abby Johnson’s memoir. The movie was directed by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman.

Ashley Bratcher who plays Abby Johnson finds herself at a boot for Planned Parenthood during a career fair event in college, upon speaking to one of the volunteers at the booth who told her that the clinic’s main objective is to educate people about Planned Parenthood and thus reduce the number abortions. While volunteering at the clinic she witnesses various protestors who are anti-abortion. The campaigners try to convince women not to terminate their pregnancies.

Having had an abortion herself, her boyfriend in college (an father of the unborn child)  convinced her to have a credit card made in order to afford the surgical abortion.  She later married him but when he started cheating she filed for divorce, only to find that she was pregnant again. She decided to have another abortion because she did not want to be tied to him. This time she had a chemical abortion where she had to take two sets of pills at a prescribed time. The clinic advised her the pills would clean the womb and that she would experience bleeding. To her shock she woke up to excruciating abdominal pain and excessive bleeding for 8 weeks.

Abby continued to volunteer at the clinic where she later became a counsellor responsible for briefing and “selling” abortion to women who walk in enquiring about the process, something she became very good at.

She eventually made it as the Director, and managed to make it the best clinic in her region. Abby seemed to love her work until she realised that the company has no intention of reducing the number of abortions but instead promoting abortion because the procedure brings in the most money. She clashes with her boss at a public conference when she voices her concerns.

One day she gets called to assist in the operating room where an ultra sound suction of the foetus is being performed.  Even though she had worked there for years, she never witnessed the procedure. She found herself horrified and disturbed after seeing a moving baby on the ultra sound get sucked out of the young female’s womb.

The experience causes her to run out of the operating room in tears, this was a turning point for her as she realised how cruel abortion was. She then took the decision to resign and join the campaigners in their effort to shut down the place and convince women not to abort their pregnancies. However, after resigning, the company sues her claiming that she leaked confidential information about the clinic. The court rules in her favour and she was found not guilty.

The realities that young women find themselves in and the consequences of the abortion procedure is clearly shown and demonstrated, which when watching, may send shivers down your spine. This is not a film for the faint hearted. If the sight of blood does not make you woozy then this is the movie for you.

Unplanned is a great educational movie that illustrates the repercussions of engaging in unprotected sex that leads to unwanted pregnancies.

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