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Vegetables used to conceal drugs

Police in Upington have confiscated drugs with the street value of R25 000 after two male suspects were arrested on the evening of 21 October 2018 along the N14 road.

Spokesperson Colonel Dimakatso Mooi says according to the information received the Upington Public Order Policing members under the command of Sergeant Olckers were conducting searches on the N14 road when the members noticed two males at the hiking spot who seemed restless when they saw the police. “One of them threw a bag he was carrying on the ground and started running away. Some of the members chased him while the others remained to search the rest of the people who were at the hiking spot. The suspect who ran away was caught and his bag was searched,’ she said.

“Vegetables were found inside the bag and upon close inspection the members discovered that there were mandrax tablets concealed inside those vegetables. The 248 tablets estimated to the street value of R25 000.00 and a Cellphone suspected to have been stolen during a house braking were confiscated,” Mooi continued.

“The two foreign Nationals aged 35 and 36 years old are expected to appear before Upington Magistrates’ Court on 23 October on charges of dealing in drugs and possession of suspected stolen property,” she concluded.

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