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VF+ Underdog Surprises All

While the top three parties; African National Congress (ANC), the Democratic Alliance (DA), and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on the election day were the talk of the country. Freedom Front Plus – otherwise known as the Vryheid front Plus (FF+) surprised the country with a double increase of their votes.

Freedom Front Plus seems to be showing significant growth in the Northern Provinces (Northern Cape, North West and Limpopo). This emerged as the IEC continued to tally the votes cast on Thursday.

The party is currently running as the fifth largest party at three percent of the National vote. The FF Plus’s head of elections and strategy, Wouter Wessels, stated on Friday morning that its performance in the elections stemmed from hard work, “We have shown significant growth. We are currently in fifth place and we are very near the IFP. We are part of the five big parties and I think that is an achievement and it is a foundation for 2021,” he commented.

Wessels said the party only won five districts countrywide in 2014 and this year, it has bagged more than 100 voting districts so far.

“That is a very good indication for 2021. If we carry on our work and if we focus on service delivery, we will in 2021 show significant growth and even win wards if we project what we currently achieved. There are a few wards which we do have a majority in and which we can win in 2021. We are appreciative to our voters who came out as we succeeded amidst a very low turnout”.

He said the party was committed to work hard in all the platforms it won seats in to represent those who voted for them.

“We don’t make empty promises. What we can promise is that we are committed to work very hard in all the platforms,” he said.

Wessels said the increased support came from the North West and Free State.

Freedom Front Plus came to fruition in March 1994, just eight weeks before the first democratic election in South Africa. The group was founded by Constand Viljoen, after his departure from the far-right Afrikaner Volksfront. The group had sought to secede from South Africa before dissolving in 1996. Viljoen registered the Freedom Front with the Independent Electoral Commission to take part in the April 1994 general elections. They claimed nine seats in Parliament, recording almost 500 000 votes. To date they have had three leaders as Connie Mulder had a 15-year stint after succeeding Viljoen in 2001, before Pieter Groenewald took charge in 2016.

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