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Voting Mishaps

Although majority of the voting stations in the country executed their voting procedures successfully, there were incidents of mishaps at certain voting stations across the province.

Residents were protesting in Holland, near Barkly West in Northern Cape where police intervened on Wednesday morning.  The residents aim was to disrupt voting in their area as they have grievances with service delivery. The voting station was only able to open at 9am instead of at 7am, due to the protest.

In the area there were 381 registered voters and only 148 casted their vote.  The weather was also unfavourable residents experienced rainfall and some heavy winds.  Political parties tried to assist by chauffeuring voters to the voting stations and back so that they were able to cast their votes.

Multiple parties complained that the inedible ink used to mark voters’ thumbs could be removed allowing for voters to vote twice, should they have succeeded in removing their mark. The MP of COPE in Western Cape, Deidre Carter, demonstrated this by removing  the mark on her thumb with bleach. “I didn’t even have to rub it and it was gone, ” she said according to EWN.

The DA took to social media platform, YouTube to post a video expanding on this mishap. In the Northern Cape, there were no reports of such incidences thus far.

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