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Wet streets across Kimberley

Kimberley has been experiencing water leakages all over town in recent months, water is a basic right for all individuals as one cannot live without water. Water over the years has become a scarce resource and the wastage of water has been on the rise in Kimberley, there is leakages all over the town.

In Herlear on Cradon street there was a leakage of water, due to a burst pipe, resulting in there being no water. The issue was fixed on Tuesday with people having to go about their day without water, a member of the community who preferred to be anonymous said, “waking up to no water is extremely annoying as we have to get the children ready and also get to work, as a result I got to work late. The worst part is that the Sol Plaatje Municipality takes two days to fix the pipes.”

There is no economy that can be well run without water, it is imperative that the municipality and the community work hand in hand to preserve water. If there are any water leakages in your community make sure you report it to your municipality.

The spokesperson for the Sol Plaatje municipality, Sello Matsie explained,” There are different reasons that exist for pipe burst, some pipes are more than 90 years old, pressure and damage to pipes are reasons for water leakages in the city. Om a daily basis reported bursts are attended to whilst on the raising main we monitor pressure bars and soon we will be applying the cathodic method on pipes damaged by electric currents”.

Bushy Oberlholzer from SA Leak Kimberley elaborated, “It is easier to stop something before it happens, general upkeep and maintenance are fundamental with pipes to avoid water leakages. The pipes in the city can be fixed by removing rusty pipes, replacing fittings, replacing copper and galvanized steel pipes with PVC which is a newer technology. The municipality needs to set out an action plan with a budget to tackle the old system. Merely fixing leaks is a short term solution”.

It is unfortunate that most people in the city are negatively affected by these water leakages, in some parts of the community they are affected not just by burst pipes but also the leakage of sewerage waste. The exposure of sewerage waste can have health implications such as viruses like rotavirus, bacteria that can cause Camplobacteriosis and parasites that cause Cryptosporidiosis.

It is imperative that the municipality takes initiative to combat the problems that arise with the leaks through out the city. The Northern Cape is a high drought area and avoiding wastage of water would be to the benefit of the province. Less leaks more water.

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