For The People

What the Future Holds for the Province

According to Premier Lucas...


• Economic Blue Print for Trade and Investment to be developed as well as investment booklet to encourage investments Provincial Innovation Forum.
• Provincial Innovation Forum to be established to look at improving lives of the provincial population – Sol Plaatje University to convene the forum and funding request made to CSIR for funding
• Youth Business Development Fund to be established to create “job creators”


• Agricultural Policy Action Plan to be implemented by partnering with the private sector
• Both complimentary and sectoral transversal interventions have been identified, e.g. promotion of Agri-parks /Cooperatives in poor districts
• An abalone hatchery facility may be established pending approval from Department of Agriculture , Forestry and Fisheries – Feasibility study has already commenced


• Small-scale mining to continue receiving assistance
• Quartz mining in Riemvasmaak to provide jobs for the local community.
• Mining Town Revitalisation Programme to eradicate informal settlements in:
– Sol Plaatje Municipality
– Phokwane Municipality
– Tsantsabane Municipality
– Dawid Kruiper
– Gamagara Municipality
– Ga-Segonyana Municipality


• The R62m Carnarvon Science Exploratorium will be built which will include a visitors centre with world class facilities, simplifying the SKA and science
• 102 permanent jobs to be created
• Astro- tourism to be promoted


• A Government Information Technology Shared Service Centre (ITSSC) approved will drive service delivery improvement across all departments, using Information Technology as an enabler in line with the 4th Industrial Revolution.
• mLab Northern Cape – will support establishment of innovative enterprises through the development of local ICT solutions for local problems. 16 participants to be recruited in March 2019
• 225 Government sites will be connected with high speed fibre broadband over 3 years on partnership with Department of Communications through SA Connect project


• Aging bridges to be maintained and others to be repaired
• R 174m budgeted


• Metals Industrial Cluster in process of formation in Kuruman to promote manufacturing of steel and metal related products and ensure value addition.
• Potential to create approximately 10 000 jobs with an investment potential of R500 million.
• The Kathu Industrial Park by the IDC in collaboration with the mining sector will provide extra stimulus to the metals cluster.
• Incubation of SMME’s will also be included


• Provincial government applied to Central Energy Fund to roll out solar energy solutions to public schools in the Northern Cape for clean energy solutions and to create jobs
• Solar water heaters to be rolled out in Sol Plaatje municipality. This will provide training and job creation.


• Hakskeenpan to become open-air mega event facility
• Rejuvenation of heritage tourism attractions ,i.e. Mayibuye Precinct (Galeshewe Activity Route), McGreggor Museum, Riemvasmaak, living Khomani San Museum (in partnership with South African National Parks)
• Development of mountain bike trails on the properties of the McGreggor Museum.
• Rejuvenation of the Namaqualand 4×4 trail
• Northern Cape Tourism Authority to host five Business Events in the province during 2019/20- events will create up to 100 job opportunities and contribute R32 million to the Provincial Economy
• Provincial Liberation Heritage Route Projects i.e. Mayibuye Route in Galeshewe, Upington 26 in Paballelo and Langeberg war of Resistance in Kuruman to continue- each project will receive R 500 00.00 for feasibility studies


• A New De Aar Hospital to be built that can accommodate 158 beds with 24 staff accommodation units.
• Will serve as a level 2 facility serving the south-eastern part of the Northern Cape


• Sol Plaatje Municipal area to be cleaned as part of National Clean-up campaign called by Pres. Ramaphosa
• A Provincial Climate Change Summit to be held in March 2019 for develop sector specific climate change action plans to mitigate the impact of climate change.


• A Gender Based Violence Strategy is currently being developed
• Deputy Minister of Social development in collaboration with the Provincial Department will convene a boy’s assembly in March 2019 to get boys and young men to join in the fight against violence and bullying


• The School Guardian Programme will pay special attention to underperforming and “chronic underperforming schools- objective to attain more than 75% pass rate
• The last education summit resolutions will be implemented immediately

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