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Who will be winning the elections?

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Over the past couple of months, political parties have been hard at work pulling out all the stops to ensure that they get South Africans to entrust them with their much needed votes. With exactly a month left to election day we took to the streets to get the feel of who the people of South Africa will be casting their votes for on the 8th May 2019. We have also seen politicians playing it out on social media to callout what they say is inadequate leadership on the part of their opponents. This is what the people of Kimberley had to say.

Masego Agusi – “The EFF will win because Julius Malema is a good leader who cares for the youth.”





Mojalefa Motlhale -“The EFF will definitely win because most of its members are young people and their manifesto caters for the young people.”





Tshephang Watkins – “I do not vote because politics is a dirty game filled with leaders who only care about filling their own pockets”





Wilson Mbasa – believes the ANC will win the election once again because it has done a lot for the country. “Though there are members who have done wrong out of greed this does not reflect on the organization as a whole”.




Kano Michael – claims that “The EFF will win and bring the change that South Africa needs”.





Kelebogile Ngolube – “I am simply not interested in politics.”

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