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Why it’s important to work in an institution while studying during holidays

By Karabo Siyoko
Intern Journalist

Working during holidays helps students gain experience outside of the general educational institutions that they are accustomed. Most importantly, it helps students to develop their skills even though it is during ‘leisure time’, helping the mind stay productive.

It also prepares students to know more about the kind of programme they are studying in a practical manner. Once vacation work is completed, students are bound to have a better idea of what is expected from them after studying.
In most cases, work experience is needed from all faculties and departments in tertiary institutions. Doctors, dentists, accountants, pharmacists and journalists, to name a few, are some of the professions where vacation work is compulsory, thus after working during holidays, students are better informed on the kind of occupation they will resort to once their studies are completed. They will have an understanding of exactly what is required and expected from them.

Experience gained during working holidays assists in the following ways:

– Increases productivity levels
– Teaches students how to work under pressure
– Develops and strengthens team work skills
– Teaches students about their capabilities, honouring work commitments and deadlines
– Teaches the importance of time management skills
– Equips students with a realistic perception of what their industry or field of choice entails

Not only does working during holidays help with experience for employment after studying, it is also important to have vacation work in the bag, to be able to graduate after studies.

Having knowledge of your prospective field of study makes the task of looking for and applying for jobs easier, as you now know exactly what employers are looking for. Students will thus be ahead with their working skills, making them more effective to the potential organization.

Work experience is a great addition to students’ curriculum vitaes for future applications when seeking employment. When they get to work while studying it assists with building themselves as individuals and bettering their confidence.

By just improving on vocabulary, they are destined to be more advanced than their counterparts.

More students should consider working during holidays so as to be well prepared and to know more of the outside world of employment.

This could potentially advance the number of youth around the country being employed and successfully keeping their jobs straight after studying as they would have developed employable capabilities and would have been able to be more confident and achieve professional skills.

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