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Youth at the core of economic budget speech

The Northern Cape MEC for Economic Development and Tourism Ntsikelelo Jack placed youth at the forefront of his economic development plan for the 2018/2019 financial year. Speaking at the podium during the tabling of the departmental budget vote the MEC placed a strong emphasis on youth development. “Empowering the young people we would know the future belongs to them. That’s why the emphasis was on ensuring that young people are the major beneficiaries of our budget,” affirmed the MEC.

Layton Wildt, Daniel Jacobs, Creston Campher and Keenan Gwells

The MEC took time to congratulate youth in the province for the achievements that they have made in their respective fields. Youth like 34-Year-Old Keamogetse Setshedi who is the only black female toilet paper manufacturer in the Northern Cape. MEC Jack advertised her locally sourced product and jokingly applied for the position of her marketing manager during his budget vote. Setshedi said she was honored to get a ‘shout out’ from a seasoned member of the provincial government. “This is the first time I get a such a positive response from a senior government official that has committed to our sisters in any way he can so it’s quite exciting. Toilet paper is something that every human being uses irrespective of their race, age, demographic income or any of that so I saw an opportunity because in Kimberley there was no manufacturing of toilet paper. So I decided to try toilet paper because it is something that everybody uses. I also realized that the toilet paper industry is quite monopolized a lot of big companies charge exorbitant prices to our end consumers so it gives me the opportunity also to create a quality affordable product for our black people, “said Setshedi.

The MEC also congratulated Creston Campher, Layton Wildt, Keenan Gwells, Carlos Barker and Daniel Jacob who represented the province at the 2018 Web IT Summit in Johannesburg and claimed the second spot out of eleven teams. The MEC honored National Lilizela Tourims Award winners, Kim Maruping, Mpho Cornelius and Kabelo Mothupi – who amongst themselves won the awards for best tour guides, best tourism entrepreneur and best cultural and lifestyle tourism experience.

National Lililizela Award Winner for best Tourist Guide Kim Maruping is a passionate Kimberlite who is on fire for her province. She says she feels honored that women are getting the recognition they deserve. “The future is indeed female where we can be able to redirect our steps and look at the future in terms of the tourism industry and make sure that our people appreciate the kind of history and heritage that we have in a city such as Kimberley and in the Northern Cape,” said Maruping.

Moses Ngobene of the Small Trust says he is enthusiastic about the MEC’s Budget Vote. Ngobene says it is exciting that emphasis has been placed on women and the youth. “The youth are the future, and if my understanding is correct we’ve got the highest youth unemployment within the province and government is the biggest employer. I think we as an SMME trust we need to play our role so that our youth can get actively involved in the business market, so I am excited with this year’s focus on youth,” said the Small Trust Holder.

The MEC will have a number of programme focused on the youth throughout the year, starting with the launch of the Learner Driver Project in the Frances Baard District.

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